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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Truckerdad: Can you watch your hard dick over your big belly?

Well - he truckerdad can watch his huge Truckerfckmeat!

Monday, August 08, 2005

iPod Photo Will Change Your Sex Life

I am lucky enough to have a well-known science fiction scenarist (and horny homosexual) among Gay Sex Blog's readership. We got in a discussion about iPod Photo, and how you can have a gallery of 20,000 porn pics on it.

"You cannot go quicker through a [pic] gallery than with that thing." George says. "Scrubbing through is lightning

fast, and you can actually locate good and bad pics pretty easily. The next thing they will have is picture ratings, like song ratings in iTunes."

But that's nothing. Did you know iPod Photo is going to change your sex life? George says:

Think about this future option. You are a member of a 3G dating club: DateDickMobile.com.

You set up your profile and your daily availabilty. Then the agent goes searching and displays your profile to all online members so they can respond. (Till that point this is nothing new -- most dating engines work like this).

But now imagine this.

The dating suggestions will be fed back to your mobile device -- let it be an iPod photo or a 3G phone.

Then you browse though the suggestions (presented by a couple of pictures of the person and a micro-profile). You even can watch small video dick, ass or tit clips and voice mails. So you get a pretty good picture who that person is and what he or she has to offer. You can rate the dating suggestions. One star means "ditch". 5 stars means "Yes, yes, yes -- as soon as possible!"

You are checking your dating suggestions on the way back from work while you are stuck in your usual 2-hour traffic jam. The 3G phone sends back your decisions to the database, the candidate gets an invitation for a meeting (based on your predefined dating timing).

And when you reach home, you just have time to shower before the date (hopefully) arrives. You turn on the f*ck music on and let the iPod Photo run a porn pics slideshow on your plasma TV. The pictures are a mixture of your favorite porn pics and the ones your date gets turned on by -- so you can get already in the mood what special theme or fetish you will experience.

Oh -- and if your date is late -- just look up the locator (like UPS tracking info). So you can see if the date is a no-show or just stuck in traffic (or still at another party).

All this could be possible pretty soon and will be a huge business for sure. Dating "live" in bars will be something of the past. (Isn't it already?)

~Sincerely, George



Thursday, August 04, 2005

Welcome to Technorati - the blog resource

Welcome to Technorati
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Monday, August 01, 2005

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